Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blue Ocean Journey of Kamalahar Part II

In my previous post I mentioned the start of Blue Ocean Journey for Kamalahar. In this post I would like to elaborate on how things moved and the execution of Blue Ocean Strategy for Kamalahar continue.

The Jaipur meeting with the online partners, Aurigait, was quite fruitful. During the meeting which coincided with the Deepawali festive season, we discussed a play to launch the online platform within 2-3 months. The strategy curve was created and all the frivolous factors such as creating a very strong and powerful payment gateway system was eliminated. We realized that the customers or noncustomers who are going to buy Kamalahar will need to talk to someone from Khatore Pharmaceuticals before they can complete the purchase decision. Hence we do not need to spend money on building a secure payment gateway. The second decision was to go for innovative promotion on the internet using Google search engine as the target. This allowed Kamalahar to reach to a large number of people all over the world. But in the begining the team decided to focus a big part of the budget on the Indian market.

Once the initial plan was finalized the team went about working on the platform with a great speed and the site was launched in 4 months. The first customer who was suffering from liver disorder came through the platform in februrary and from then on things started moving quite fast. From then on Kamalahar has been able to cure thousands of patients suffering from liver problem. It has cured cirrhosis, hepatitis, fatty liver, ascites for numerous patients.


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