Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sachin might retire at the end of the year

The master cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has been playing for over 20 years. He has set hundreds of records in all form of cricket from one day, test matches to 20-20 in both international and first class form. He has been a tireless warrior for past 20 years. The time has finally arrived when he will send adieu to the international cricket. There are rumours that he might retire by the end of this year and give way to the new blood. He has been underperforming for the past few test matches and has been bowled in quite a few occasions. A player of Sachin’s calibre getting bowled again and again is cause of worry for many. It shows that finally age is catching up with him.

If Sachin was younger these incidents would not have worried anybody as he can recover the lack of form in few months. But this time, TIME is not on his side and he does not have the liberty to give himself time to recover his form. In case, he does not perform in the current India-England series than there will be pressure on him to call it a day and retire. Also there are many promising young players who are showing great talent and attitude even in test cricket. One of them is Pujara who hit his first double hundred in the first test match of the series. That gives the selectors some freedom as it has decreased the pressure on them to find a replacement for Sachin. Virat Kohli can easily replace Sachin at number 4 position and there are a number of players who can fill up the number 5 position.
Even though Sachin has a huge fan following and he still commands a huge respect from the opponent it will become increasing difficult for him to continue. Many of the people including the family of Kamalahar, the ayurvedic product effective in the treatment of hepatitis and treatment of cirrhosis, would want Sachin to continue till the next world cup. The fans would like him to go as long as he can as it is always a treat to watch him play. People throng in large numbers even during a test match to watch him play. Many people are praying and hoping that he performs well during the on-going test series of India England so that pressure on him to retire goes down.


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