Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mumbai has higher hepatitis B patients compared to other metros in India

Nearly 14% of 24,225 people tested positive for hepatitis B after they walked in for routine health exams at a private laboratory in four metros. The percentage however, doubled when it came to samples tested in Mumbai.

Of the 7,271 people tested last year for hepatitis B in Mumbai at one of the private laboratory, 2,122 people were positive. The rates were much lower in Chennai where 7% tested positive out of 10,000. In Delhi, 12% tested positive while 6% in Bangalore had the infection.

The five viruses that cause infections of the liver are responsible for a widely prevalent and growing disease burden. While hepatitis A and E viruses are food and waterborne infections, which cause millions of cases of acute illness every year, the most worrisome are hepatitis B and C. B and C viruses together cause an estimated 57% of cases of liver cirrhosis and 78% of cases of primary liver cancer globally. In India too, around 2.4 lakh lives are lost in the country due to hepatitis B.


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