Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New India needs new leader and new strategy

It is a very common strategy adopted by business leaders but for some reason the political parties cannot learn this lesson well. If you are fighting in a very competitive space which is what is called Red Ocean and losing then the only way for you to come out victorious is if you do something different. If you continue doing the same thing you will never win.

When one looks at the current political landscape of India, one gets the feeling that the status quo will remain after the next general election with a very minimal change in the power structure. The current situation in India is a golden opportunity for an opposition party to mobilise the masses and win big but right now there is none to take advantage of the unrest and anger against the ruling coalition.

What the opposition needs is a Blue Ocean Strategy which will allow them to focus on key issues only and align their organization structure around that focussed strategy. At this moment the opposition is all over the place. They are trying to create strategy based on their existing organization structure. They raise issues which do not excite the masses and waste their energy and Parliament’s time. Moreover, they are fighting their own internal battle rather than fighting the governing coalition. When the opposition attacks the government on corruption they do not even sound credible.

So for the opposition to give a real fight they have to create a blue ocean strategy that is focused, divergent from the ruling coalition and has mass appeal. Once they have identified the strategy they have to build their organisation structure to suit that strategy. If they decide that they will go for development, anti-corruption and youth focused policies then they have to put a leadership at the top which have credibility for these three groups. They cannot go with just mere words. They have to look at leaders in their camps who can appeal to people on these three areas and develop the campaign around that. The leaders who taint and spoil these areas have to be put into background for now.

Hopefully, the opposition parties will learn from the common sense of business world and come up with a winning strategy and structure for the next general election and make the coming election more interesting and give hope to people.


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