Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ghost of seniors haunt Indian cricket team

India suffered yet another miserable defeat against Pakistan in the second one day match. The world champions are at their nadir point and looks like there is no bottom right now. The infighting among the team members at its highest and there is lack of trust among players. It reminds us of the old days of mid 90’s and 80’s when Indian team was group of individual players rather than a cohesive unit.

After the defeat the Indian captain blamed seniors for the defeat. One wonders is he talking about players senior then him or is he including himself in the seniors too. The story of seniors leading to defeat is stale now and the captain should think about a new alibi. Most of the seniors have retired over the past couple of years and right now there is hardly any senior left.

In the past series the captain blamed the defeats on senior saying that they can not field well. Now the team is of young people who can only field and they cannot bat or ball. But the fielding is harldly anything close to Jonty Rodes either. At least Jonty helped win South Africa just by his fielding but the current bunch of so called great fielders of Indian cricket team are hardly anyone close to Jonty.

One wonders what will be the next alibi of captain after the next defeat. The status of team right now is such that we can not hope to win a one day match at home against any of the decent teams leave alone test match. Even though Sachin was forced to retire before the Pakistan series, we al aer wondering what happened to the so called great batsmen who were waiting to replace him.

We all hope that Indian team puts its house in order with some drastic changes which eliminates the infighting and creates a cohesive unit which fights till the end and every ball. The entire family of Khatore Pharmaceuticals, the maker of fatty liver treatment and ascites treatment product Kamalahar, wishes Indian team best wishes for the last one day international against Pakistan.


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