Thursday, December 13, 2012

Last India England cricket test match of 2012-2013 series crucial for Sachin and Dhoni

The last test match of the 2012-23 Indian England Series will be starting from Dec 13. It is crucial for many players for many different reasons. But it is much more crucial for the master blaster Sachin and the man with the midas touch Dhoni. Both Sachin and Dhoni are under tremendous pressure right not.

Two of the great players of Indian cricket are facing different kind of challenges. Dhoni, the best ever captain of Indian cricket, is under the threat of losing his captaincy. The team is not performing well and if India loses the last test match it will be curtains for his captaincy. The only saving grace for Dhoni is right now there is no alternative captain but then the selectors might go for the kill and make Gambhir as the captain of Indian Test Team. At the same time, it looks like the time for Virat Kohli has come. He might become the captain of 20-20 and one day team. Such drastic changes are needed if India is to regain its status in international cricket. It is a big fall for the leader whereby just one and half years ago everyone was singing praises for his leadership. There were stories that he will be made case study in Business schools of India. Right now there are many question marks on his leadership. The saying the victory has many relatives and loss is an orphan comes true once again.

The second player who everyone is watching with baited breath is Sachin Tendulkar. He has not done well in last 1 year and there are renewed demands for him to call it day and retire. He had a golden opportunity to retire immediately after the world cup win. He would have gone on a high but he missed that opportunity and it will be sad to see a non-glorious departure of one of the greatest players of world cricket. I for one definitely want him to retire. As I want him to make sure that his test records are never broken by anyone in near future. The current situation is such that Jacques Kallis will break Sachin's test record in next couple of years.

One fortnight is a big time in anyone's life and the next fortnight is big for Indian cricket and can lead to big changes. But whatever happens, it would be good to provide what is due to Sachin and Dhoni. They have given a lot to Indian cricket and they should go in a graceful way. The whole family of Khatore Pharmaceuticals, the makers of Kamalahar (ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of hepatitis, treatment of ascites, treatment of fatty liver), wishes both Sachin and Dhoni best wishes and hope and pray that they come out with flying colours.


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