Monday, December 17, 2012

A new year brings in new hopes and new plans

2012 is finally coming to end. It was an eventful year for Khatore Pharmaceuticals. Finally the online channel has started to walk and we are looking forward for it to run in 2013. It has been a journey full of perseverance, patience and hard work. As the say every great work is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.

The reach of online channel is gradually increasing day by day and month by month. There are still some hurdles on the way which needs to be overcome in order to enable Kamalahar to reach all the people suffering from liver problem in different parts of the world. God willing we will be able to take Kamalahar to all the people who are in need of it. It has proven time and again its effectiveness in the treatment of liver problems such as treatment of hepatitis, treatment of cirrhosis, treatment of fatty liver and treatment of ascites. There are many heartening stories that we heard from patients in different parts of the world in 2012. People who were thankful that Kamalahar was able to help them, where they had been let down by allopathic medicine. Also treatment with Kamalahar is very cheap compared to hundreds of thousands of Rupees or dollars that they had to spend in their treatment when they went for western medicine.
For example, one of the patients, Mr. G from USA, had his liver at grade 13 (grade 14 being the worst). He had lost all hopes when he started taking Kamalahar. But after 6 months of treatment with Kamalahar his liver was back to grade 1. Similarly another patient was asked to go for liver transplant which would have cost him millions of rupees and he could not afford it. Instead he decided to go with Kamalahar and he is on his path to recovery. We hope to help many more patients through Kamalahar. Wishing everyone a very happy new year.


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