Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Virat Kohli the future captain of Indian team

Virat Kohli took over as the captain of Bangalore in the IPL. It was quite interesting to watch it today. He has been quite impressive so far in the short time frame that he has played international cricket. He has already proven his leadership capabilities as the captain of Indian Under 19 team where he led the team to a successful world cup win. He played a key role in India winning the world cup this year.

He is the player to watch out for and he is highly likely to become the captain of Indian cricket team when time comes for Dhoni to pass the mantle. His age also is his plus point. We might soon see him as vice captain of Indian team in next few years. It is just a matter of time and he has to just make sure that he continues to perform well in the international cricket and things will just fall in place.

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