Sunday, May 15, 2011

Finally the sun rises in the east

The dawn has finally arrived in West Bengal and eastern part of India. With the new political climate in Eastern Part of India things can only go up from here. For a long time the states in the eastern part of India were lagging behind the rest of the country especially the western and southern India. While the rest of the country was chugging along with good speed the eastern part of the country was either stagnated or going backwards.

New hopes have come with the political change and the start of a new government in Bengal. In fact now 4 states of eastern India are doing well. Last few years Bihar, Orissa have already been trying hard to move in the right direction. With the addition of West Bengal the economies of the East can become vibrant again. In fact if things go right then in the long run it could be the beginning of the return of eastern part of India as dominant industrial power of the country.

Being from the state of Jharkhand, I am quite excited by the way things are unfolding in the country. I am quite hopeful and along with the entire team of ayurvedic liver treatment and ascites treatment product Kamalahar I wish all the great people who are trying hard to change the landscape of the country, best of luck.


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