Saturday, April 2, 2011

Who will celebrate Deepawali today – India or Srilanka?

Who will win the world cup cricket today? This is a billion people question today. Finally the D-day has arrived. All the fans are getting anxious and getting ready to watch the match. All the mommies are making sure that the tea, samosa’s, pakoras are ready for their beloved ones during the match. It will be an extravaganza worth pondering on. There are not many events which generates so much of energy in 1 single day. In fact if we can harness all the energy that will be generated by the people in India we can probably provide electricity for all the villages in India.

There is only 1 question in everybody’s mind. Will it be Sachin or will it be Murali. Will it be Sehwag or will it be Dilshan. Or will it be the bits and pieces player as he media has coined the term for the underdogs.

One thing is clear though at the end of day today either there will be Deepawali in India or there will be Deepawali in Srilanka. Either way there is going to be Deepawali somewhere.
Let us wait and watch with baited breath (please don’t forget to breath in between, otherwise u might faint) the unfolding of the drama and hope that may the best team ( ;-) ofcourse India with all by biases) win the world cup and we have a bigger deepawali then the real deepawali.


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