Friday, April 1, 2011

Was the India Pakistan world cup semifinal result win win for everybody

I am 100% sure it is my own imagination but I would still like to put forward the thoughts that are racing through my mind. It is such a strange coincident that the Government of India and Pakistan used the occasion to start the relationship and talk. All the big powers in the world would like the 2 countries to talk to each other. What better occasion than during the world cup semifinal between the 2 teams. When the whole country is emotionally engrossed in the match and no one wants to go into the discussion about the rational of the talk.

There is only one caveat on which this talk bases itself. That is India should win the match if everything has to go fine. If India loses it will make things even more difficult for the 2 government. So India winning is the perfect win win for the 2 teams, 2 nations and the super powers. This is what got me thinking whether the result was actually predecided.

Anyways as I am said before I am not 100% sure and neither do I have any proof. I was just putting together my thoughts on the things that happened and nothing else. 

I wish all the best to India in the finals.


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