Monday, October 10, 2016

Cancer Awareness Society hails Bihar Government's prohibition decision

People engaged in creating awareness about liver cancer hailed the Nitish Kumar government's decision on prohibition as "historic" which would have positive impact on the health of people.

A team of Cancer Awareness Society met the CM to support the October 2 notification enforcing prohibition in the state.

Two days after the Patna High Court quashed its order on prohibition, Bihar government on October 2 came out with a new law banning liquor with harsher provisions.

The Society team told Mr. Nitish Kumar that the World Health Assembly, the decision making body of WHO, had in 2010 taken a decision for controlling usage of alcohol of which India was one of the signatory, according to a statement of the Society.

Action was desired in this direction after being signatory to the decision. By fulfilling this, the Bihar government has initiated a historic step which deserves praise. The team told Kumar that they are with him in the campaign against alcohol.

The statement said about short term and long term medical effects of alcohol on consumer.

The short term effects included slurred speech, drowsiness, vomiting, diarrhea, breathing difficulties, anemia and blackouts.

The long term effects included unintentional injuries like alcohol poisoning, high blood pressure, stroke and heart related diseases, liver disease, sexual problem and cancer of liver, mouth and throat among others.


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