Monday, May 25, 2015

Powdered alcohol pose dangers for teenagers

Substance abuse can take many forms. Experts have their eye on something new that can lead to big problems for kids: Powdered alcohol and powdered caffeine.

Anti-drug advocates said they have concerns about everything from accidental overdoses to these substances being a gateway to other abuse, and even to people using them to drug others.

It is called Palcohol and ever since it hit the market, anti-drug advocates have been concerned.

Parents should absolutely be on the lookout for this. The packaging looks very much like powdered candies and they may glance right over it and not realize.

Palcohol comes in packets that resemble flavored drink mixes like Kool-aid, which make it easy to carry and easy to hide.

Parents may find a packet in a backpack, or even between the pages of a textbook, and not realize that it is actually powdered alcohol. All it takes is a little bit of water and it becomes full-blown liquid alcohol.

One thing that makes experts wary is how easy it could be to slipped into someone’s food or drink.

It is very potent. And it makes it very unsuspicious and unlikely that someone is going to guess that that may be happening to them.

Another worry is overdoses.

It is in a format that people are not used to. If you go into a bar, you are used to what one beer looks like or one shot looks like. But in the powdered form, we are not used to what that looks like.

Overdoses are also the big concern when it comes to powdered caffeine. People use it to help give them an edge or be alert. It is not illegal, but a little goes a long way. Overdose is enough to cause major health problems or even death.

There should be an absolute prohibition put on the powdered alcohol and powdered caffeine just because of the propensity for overuse and misuse.


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