Saturday, April 11, 2015

Massive wastage of food and other items by Indian Railways

Indian railways is a big network with hundreds of express trains daily. In many of these trains food is served 3 times in a day. Millions of passengers use Indian railways to commute from one city to another city. In trains like Rajdhani, Shatabadi, Duranto; passengers are charged for the meals along with the ticket. The meals are lavish and passengers are continuously fed.

The issue is that a good amount of food is left over in almost all the trains in which meals are served. Most of the food is perishable and the left overs are thrown away by people who serve food in the trains. The leftover also include fully packed food which many people with health problems do not eat. For e.g. vegetables which cannot be eaten by people suffering from heart or BP problem.

Railways have introduced many good systems in place and it can easily manage the leftovers and work with NGOs and other social organizations to make sure that the food is not wasted and utilized in proper way.


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