Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Even 1 alcohol drink a day can cause liver problem and lead to cirrhosis

According to a new worldwide study that was presented at The International Liver Congress 2015, daily drinking may have significant influence on cirrhosis burden.

The new data has revealed that cirrhosis burden caused by alcohol goes up by 11.13 per cent when moving from the moderate to heavy daily drinking classification.

Generally, the studies which assess prevalence of alcohol abuse as risk factor for alcoholic cirrhosis consider the total annual amount drunk per person. However, the researchers have highlighted the fact that clinical studies have shown that the strongest predictor of alcoholic cirrhosis is a high daily consumption.

The research says that the country's cirrhosis burden is most significantly and independently influenced by heavy daily drinkers.

The global report on Alcohol and Health by the World Health Organization said that about 6 per cent of the global deaths are caused by drinking alcohol.

Most of these are caused by alcoholic cirrhosis, scarring of liver owing to continuous long-term damage. Half of the cases of liver cirrhosis are caused by alcohol.

The WHO's Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health was analysed by the researchers. Therefore, reducing heavy drinking must be considered as a very important target for public health monitoring and policies.


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