Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Even moderate drinking can cause liver cancer

Researchers have confirmed that even moderate drinking can cause liver cancer. A survey was published by the World Cancer Research Fund covering 8.2m people which established that three drinks a day can cause liver cancer.

The World Cancer Fund recommends men and women should try to limit their alcohol intake and if possible avoid it completely.

The link between alcohol and cancer is undeniable yet it is something of which many people aren’t fully aware. This research from the World Cancer Research Fund helps highlight the important fact that as little as three alcoholic drinks a day can be enough to cause liver cancer.

Like tobacco, alcohol is a group one carcinogen. As many people are not aware of link between alcohol and cancer, the Governments should run campaigns making people aware of the harm alcohol can cause and make health warnings compulsory.

Most people who suffer alcohol-related health problems are not alcoholics or binge drinkers. They are people who have been drinking at or above the recommended limits on a daily or almost daily basis over a number of years.


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