Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"Mystery pollutant' found in Yamuna, poses threat to liver and other body functions

Hundreds and thousands of rupees have been spent on Clean Yamuna project, but the river continues to swell with pollutants and other harmful chemicals.

The latest in the series of a pollutants found in the river is a 'mystery pollutant'.

According to a news report, the new pollutant was discovered by states water supply body, Delhi Jal Board (DJB). The new pollutant is said to be deteriorating the water quality to dangerous level.

According to doctors, the new 'mystery' pollutant is potentially dangerous and poses a serious threat to liver, respiratory tract and cellular function of human beings.

The doctors and DJB scientists claim that the pollutant is some of the most dangerous natural poison and they have called for more tests.

The pollutant came to the notice of DJB during a disinfectant drive. However, the officials are clueless about the origin of the pollutant.

But, DJB officials are hopeful and have said that a dose of chlorination would be sufficient to decontaminate the water body.

The scientists stumbled upon pollutant formed after the reaction of chlorine with ammoniacal contaminants and cyanobacterial bloom.


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