Friday, July 19, 2013

Patients suffering from Hepatitis B, C must take advice before fasting

Health experts believe that the patients with chronic hepatitis B or C must take advice from a qualified physician before going for fasting while patients who have already developed complications of hepatitis C should not fast.

Experts say that the patients suffering from hepatitis C complications including contraction of liver called cirrhosis or ascities (distension of abdomen due to accumulation of water) or liver cancer must avoid fasting as fasting may cause lowering of blood sugar in such patients that can be life threatening.

The experts are of the view that patients of hepatitis B or C who are being administered injections or taking oral medication can fast but they should consult their physicians to get schedule of medicines changed while fasting. Such patients should not discontinue medication including administration of injections. If patients who are fasting feel drowsiness or pain in stomach then they should instead break open fast and consult their physician to avoid complications.

Hepatitis C virus infection is the leading cause of cirrhosis, considered as the end-stage liver disease. Most of the people develop distension of abdomen due to accumulation of water, many present with vomiting of blood as the veins in the food passage rupture due to raised pressure of the portal circulation. Patients with chronic hepatitis B or C or those who are being treated through injections or oral medication, if fast, should not take food containing higher fats. 


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