Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hepatitis C on sharp rise in China and a nationwide screenig campaign will be launched by government

Cases of hepatitis C are on the rise on the mainland, but many don't get proper treatment because they are unaware of their diagnosis, experts warned. China has reported more than 200,000 new hepatitis C cases on the mainland, a 185 percent increase since 2006.

Hepatitis C is an infection that affects the liver. About 80 percent of the infected develop a chronic infection. With timely diagnosis and treatment, the infection could be highly prevented or cured.

Government estimations put the number of sufferers nationwide at more than 10 million on the mainland and the top challenge in curbing the disease is detecting the sufferers.

Currently, fewer than 2 percent of those diagnosed with hepatitis C have ever sought medical attention. The percentage of those receiving proper medication is even lower. A majority of sufferers experience minimal or no symptoms at first. But chronic infection could lead to cirrhosis or scarring of the liver. Patients with cirrhosis are more likely to develop liver failure or cancer. Some patients simply miss the chance to get cured.

To address the problem, a nationwide hepatitis C screening program will be launched by the top health authority to help more sufferers for early intervention.


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