Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bollywood Actor Jackie Shroff launches hepatitis awareness drive in India

Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff kicked of an hepatitis awareness drive and called for greater awareness of the killer disease and urged people to take it seriously.

It is a serious issue and he requested everyone to participate in the cause as there is very limited awareness about Hepatitis. People should know about it so that they will be careful about it. The actor launched an email and SMS campaign as part of the build-up to the World Hepatitis Day next Sunday (July 28).

He kicked off the campaign by sending an email to state Health Minister with a message that calls for "Knowing, Confronting & Eradicating Hepatitis".

The email and SMS campaign precedes a virtual chain four days prior to a human chain at Chowpatty next Saturday and is an initiative of National Liver Foundation (NLF), a non-government organisation dedicated to creating awareness about hepatitis.

NLF founder-trustee said that together, hepatitis B & Hepatitis C represent a major global health threat, particularly in India.

Hepatitis is contracted through blood-to-blood contact and are 'silent' viruses and many people feel no symptoms for years even if they are infected. If ignored, it can lead to cirrhosis with life-threatening implications.

When diagnosis is made too late, the only options is a liver transplant and NLF urged those people within the risk categories to undergo medical tests on priority.


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