Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kamalahar on the verge of tipping point

Kamalahar, Ayurvedic liver medicine, is on the verge of tipping point. The word of mouth has started to spread fast and is growing every month. It started in a small way but slowly it is starting to pick up. Word of mouth is the cheapest marketing that can help the company reach a large audience at low cost.
Khatore Pharma online strategy is a blue ocean in the medicine world. It provides high value to the customers at a very low cost. The cost of 1 course of 6 month treatment for hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver, ascites is less than 100 dollars. The alternative for the patients is to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on expensive western medicine.
The company is a pioneer in the developing world as far as pharma industry is concerned. Now only thing that we have to see is if the strategy takes the company into full blue ocean or not.


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