Saturday, April 16, 2011

From the Brobdingnag world of internet to the Lilliput world of Kamalahar

For past 2 weeks I have been reading the Gulliver’s Travel. First of all I was surprised to find out that the book is actually in four parts and there are 4 voyages that the author describes. Till now I was just aware of only 1 trip which was the trip to Lilliput land. As a child I had read that story and I was convinced that Gulliver just went to one voyage that is to the Lilliput land. The name of Gulliver is almost synonymous with the story of Lilliput. It was almost a shock to find out the other three stores. The second of the four stories is about the voyage to Brobdingnag. The inhabitants of Brobdingnag are almost opposite to the inhabitants of Lilliput with respect to human beings.

Till now I have finished only 2 parts and I have been quite fascinated by it so far. It was such an influence on me that I almost ignored my work life which is working on the Ayurvedic or the herbal product that I manage as a marketing manager, that is Ayurvedic product Kamalahar. I have been tasked to prepare the marketing strategy for the Ayurvedic product Kamalahar which is a great product for the treatment of liver disorders, hepatitis, cirrhosis, jaundice, fatty liver. For the past 2 weeks I have been going back and forth on my marketing strategy for ayurvedic medicine Kamalahar and reading Gulliver’s travel page by page and enjoying the life of Gulliver among interesting people. In fact the story of Gulliver has helped me articulate some of my own strategy in a better way, as to how to focus on the right variables and ignore the unnecessary details as the author does so often.

When I was working on the online strategy for the Kamalahar I almost felt as if the internet is Brobdingnag and I am Lilliput in front of it. It is so vast and big. It has great principles and highly democratic. It believes in the simplicity of rules which is to live by simple rule of live and let live.

The book takes an interesting dig at the current political system of the world and I was amazed to see that the political system that the book makes fun of applies to the current world too. There is not a single country in this world which is not infested with the political problem that the book talks about.

The author is at pains to explain the merits of the prevalent system of governance in his country England to the king of Brobdingnag. The system that the king find outrageous is in fact better than what is prevalent in the current world and shows us in a naked manner what kind of cruel and inhuman system we are living in. The book is a great political satire.


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