Monday, March 14, 2011

Team India losing against South African cricket team is a good omen

I am sure there were many people who were disheartened by the loss against South Africa on Saturday night. India was in such a strong position and could have easily won the match. In fact I was one of the few people who were hoping that India should lose against South Africa. Before you start calling me bad names let me put forth my reasons.

India has so far won 3 games and tied 1 game. If they had won the game against South Africa we would have been in Quarter Finals easily and also it would mean the complacency would creep in the team. As we all know complacency is the worst enemy of the Indian team. Now with the loss of the game I am sue the team India would be under lot of pressure to come up with their best performance. So far they have struggled and far from their best.

Next point is that India will most probably win the match against West Indies. This would mean that India would not have lost a single game in last 6 matches. Now we have to win 3 more games after league to win the world cup. So continuing on this path for India to win the world cup they would not have lost a single game in 9 games. Now it would be interesting to find out how many times India has not lost a single game in 9 continuous games. It is very rare. It has happened only once so far in Indian One day history. It happened in the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009. When India beat England 5-0 and then defeated Sri Lanka in the first four games. So rather than going against the law of averages it is better to stick with the law of averages and have India rather win the world cup. Even in 1983 when we won the world cup we did not win 9 games in a row. In fact we barely qualified for the semifinals and then we went on to win the world cup.

Combining the law of average factor and the complacency factor I would say the loss in the game against South Africa was a blessing in disguise. As we all know that the team India is capable of more than what they have shown so far and also the team which peaks at the right time generally wins the cup so finally we might at last see the India team peaking at the right time and winning the world cup.

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